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Customized solutions for your contingent workforce 


As a boutique employer-of-record firm, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions, a differentiated attention to detail, and customized personal service.


As an Employer-of-Record, Henderson Taylor assumes the employer relationship with your temporary workers and independent contractors, avoiding employee misclassification fines and ensuring proper compliance with all state and federal employment laws. Whether you're hiring back past employees and retirees or utilizing a temporary workforce, our firm handles all administrative and legal tasks while employees remain under your direction. This includes: 

  • State and federal compliance including FICA, FUTA/SUTA

  • Timely and accurate payroll processing & tax filings

  • Licensing requirements

  • Workers Compensation

  • Unemployment insurances

  • Background Checks

  • Drug Screening

  • Proper record keeping and reporting including W2s and I-9 verification

  • Administering benefits including health, dental, vision insurance options

  • Management of termination process

Our Services


Why partner with us

With over 30+ years of experience, our firm provides customized employer-of-record services for small to large corporations in multi-state locations. 


From outsourcing personnel functions​ to minimizing the legal liabilities placed on employers today, Henderson Taylor serves as a reliable partner in managing your workforce. Our clients experience significant cost savings and risk mitigation by using our services for a variety of employees. 

Independent contractors

Misclassifying employees as contractors is illegal that could result in expensive state and federal fines. Henderson Taylor properly classifies and manages your workers as our own W-2 employees, thereby eliminating misclassification risk and ensuring proper state and federal compliance. 

Retirees & past employees

Many companies want to hire previous employees to temporarily address work shortages and leverage their specialized skillset. A potential concern, however, may be how to comply with benefits and retirement plan policies. Leveraging this workforce through a third-party employer-of-record provides a cost-effective and legal means for bringing retirees back on assignment. 

Specialized workers 

Utilizing an employer-of-record service can eliminate the headache and cost of managing groups of workers with specialized skills and requirements. Henderson Taylor stays abreast of specific labor legislation and requirements placed on certain categories of specialized workers. 


About Us

Henderson Taylor is a professional services firm with 30 years of demonstrated success in outsourced workforce solutions. Since 1988, we have partnered with small to Fortune 500 companies to provide employer-of-record services, staffing solutions and human resources management. 


Founder & CEO Joan Henderson leads the company with extensive experience in human resources, staffing, recruiting, EOR and payrolling. A nationally-certified, woman-owned business, Henderson Taylor's quality of service is a matter of record with industry leaders in Insurance, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy, and Aviation. 


Based in Dallas, TX, Henderson Taylor gives each client our undivided attention to focus specifically on their goals and needs. Our boutique firm is small in number, but great in experience and capabilities.

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